Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tips to Seal Windows & Doors before Winter Strikes

Fall is almost coming to an end, and Jack Frost will soon be arriving! Are you prepared to welcome him yet? Is your home equipped to deal with the fury of the winter? Now is the time to seal every opening that might let the cold air in and mess up your heating bills! Look at some foolproof ways to seal all windows and doors and stay snug inside.

Tips to Seal Windows and Doors for Winter

1.       Weather-stripping: This is one of the best ways to winterize your house. Ill-fitting doors and windows can let air in and drive away warmth of your home. Buy self-adhesive foam weather-stripping which can be peeled and stuck wherever necessary. Use smaller sizes so you can easily open and close the windows and doors 

2.       Caulking: Caulking with a waterproof filler or sealant to plug any air leaks that might be sneaking in. Most people caulk the inside and outside of the windows and use weather-stripping in the window sash. 

3.       Installing storm doors and windows: Adding storm windows and doors might seem an expensive option, but will justify the money that you spend now in the long run. In fact, experts say that mounting a storm door or window to a weather-stripped door or window can result in substantial energy savings.

 4.       Use heavy curtains: Similar to you slipping beneath a fluffy duvet on a cold winter night! The heavy fabric is a great way to block out air drafts and acts as an excellent insulator by trapping the cold air around the freezing glass panes to keep the rooms cozy in winter.  

5.       Honeycomb shades: These are types of cellular shades comprising multiple folds of fabric designed to act as insulators and seal out cold air. 

6.       Use door sweeps: These have a top hard edge usually made of metal and the bottom edge made of rubber. These are easy to install and you can install the hard edge a hair’s breadth above the bottom of the door allowing the rubber bottom to sweep the floor acting as a barrier and preventing cold air from entering from beneath. 

7.       Get a window insulator kit: These work very well with drafty windows and consist of a transparent, plastic material that can be used on most windows. Most work like a shrink film and can be used to seal the windows tight during winter and protect your house from the elements. Keep in mind that this option usually works well for windows that you won’t be opening anytime soon. 

8.       Get new windows: This is probably the most expensive option, but you need to give it a serious thought if your existing windows are old, rusty, and drafty. No amount of sealing, caulking, and insulation will work if your old windows are battered! Brand new energy-efficient replacement windows, such as the ones made by Champion Window can save you on utility bills and also increase the curb appeal of your house!

Most of the solutions mentioned above, such as door sweeps, curtains and shades, and window insulator kits can be purchased at home improvement or hardware stores or even bought online. If you haven’t already started prepping up for winter, begin now, so you aren’t shocked by soaring heating bills when winter finally puts in an appearance!

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