Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Window Decoration tips for Christmas

Christmas is incomplete without decorations. Whether it is simple, elaborate, elegant or traditional nothing adds to festive mood like decorating your home. And then if you are a person, landing up doing the decoration at the last moment, the easiest and the most affordable option is decorating your windows. Just like the front door, windows add to the look of your home from the outside.
Colorful festoons, ornaments, fairy lights, sparkles, garlands, swags, snowflakes, ribbons, wreaths, candles…anything and everything can create a magic look. You can elaborately dress up your windows to stand out all through the day or decorate it just so much that passersby get a glimpse of your interior décor, specially the Christmas tree lighted at night.

Snowflakes:  Create the wintry Christmas look with window display of falling snowflakes. You can simply hang the decorative snowflakes of metal, plastic or paper with strings or ribbons or even paste them on the windows. Try colorful snowflakes to create a distinctive look. For the interior, dress the window with a lacy valance or an evergreen swag and hang paper snowflakes with colorful ribbons from the curtain rods.

Ribbons: Colorful ribbons of various fabrics are most affordable and easy to use. You can hang them, loosely tie them, wrap them or even make decorative bows with them. Jazz up your wreaths with colorful ribbons or decorative ribbon bows and hang them on the window or hang your ornaments, baubles or snowflakes with ribbons. The best thing about ribbons is that you can use them to embellish anything. So buy ribbons and be at your creative best.

Tree Placement: Use your windows to add to the festive look. Since the Christmas tree is the focal point, of the home, placing it in the right location can make all the difference. Drape the tree with Christmas lights and place it near the window or light up the interior of your home to display the Christmas tree. Let everyone who passes by see and feel the warmth of your home on a wintry day. Use your windows to give a sneak peek.

Yes, decorating windows is an important part of your Christmas decorations. But think of the windows themselves. Having the right style window with a clearer view is equally important, not to forget their energy efficiency. Though it may not be something you can do last minute, it is worth considering replacing your old windows with new energy efficient ones. Plan and save money and replace them maybe before next Christmas. You can even think of going for bay or bow windows to add up to your Christmas décor. Champion Window manufactures Energy Star rated windows and for the perfect clear glass needed for the view of your décor, their windows will be a good choice. Read reviews of Champion Window by customers who are satisfied with their products and also their service as they install the windows for you.

So enjoy decorating your home and have great Christmas time with your loved ones.

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