Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beautiful and Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Home

As a home maker I am always trying to come up with new and creative ways to decorate my home. After some time the “look” of your house starts to get old and you find yourself wanting to change it up. Over the years I have come up with some exciting and completely unique ways to decorate. It always manages to warrant a ton of compliments from my guests.

Optical Illusion Rug
People tend to go with plain rugs most of the time because everything else in the room has prints or patterns on it. The plain rug sets off the room and at the same time manages to give it a warm and complete look.

What I found was that having very little furniture in the living room with plain or nearly plain curtains and upholstery allowed for more experimentation with accessories. Having a huge rug with an optical illusion on it is the perfect combination of fantastic and whacky. If you select the right colors it looks super in the living room and it is more than enough to blow your guests away. And what’s more, they won’t be able to stop staring!

This trap-door rug is a great one if you have wooden flooring. It is also my favorite.  

If you prefer a more geometric design, this one is pretty cool as well. My sister has it in her living room. Her kids love to pretend that they are climbing up the blocks!

Rope railing
If you have stairs with walls on either side, perhaps you should rethink your railings. Everyone has boring old metal bars. Some go with the more elegant glass ones. But have you ever thought of using rope as a railing?

It gives the home a medieval look and also allows for more decorating options. The adjoining picture only has the railing on one side, but you can go all out and put it on both sides. You could even change the color of the rope if you wish to match your room décor. 

Open Table
What I have found is that the easiest way to make your living room stand out is to get creative with your coffee table. Most people have fancy glass tables or extremely large low wooden ones. I however, would recommend an open table.

An open table (preferably one made with a combination of wrought iron and glass/wood) allows you to display some of your accessories inside. You can even go ahead and put a lamp in your table to make it look extra funky. During the day you can rely on sunlight to show off your wonderful furniture. Don’t be afraid of it getting damaged. You can always get energy efficient windows (I got mine from Champion Window and Doors) to protect your furniture and upholstery from fading.

Upside-down Mirror
Moving into the bathroom, there is a lot you can do to make your bathroom look warm and cozy. But what can you do to make it look unique? Sure you can pick tiles that are completely bold and extraordinary and choose accessories to match. But that would make your bathroom look something like this.

It seems like an awful lot of money to spend on your bathroom and in the end perhaps all you will end up doing is giving your guests a fright when they want to use the facilities. A cheaper and classier option would be to go with an elegant and simple design for your bathroom.
Stick to white or ivory as a theme and then pick a fabulous mirror with a wooden or metal frame and just mount it upside-down!

Chalkboard Wall
A chalkboard wall is simply one wall (or a large part of it) converted into a chalkboard. You can mount a chalkboard on the wall or choose the cheaper option and just paint on a large black rectangle. Either way this could be a fantastic addition to any room.
In the kitchen you can use it to write down your grocery list or a to-do list

In your kid’s room it can be used as a scribbling board

In the bedroom you can write an inspirational or romantic quote and turn that chalkboard into a poster!

And in the living room it can actually be used as a decorative piece. If you are the artsy type, you can draw a different abstract design everyday and leave your guests gaping with awe at your art work

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