Friday, 21 February 2014

The Benefits of Sound Proof Windows

Sound is of no use to human evolution; in fact it only gets in the way!
-Haruki Murakami: A Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

Haruki Murakami is a Japanese author who produces fascinating fictional works of art.His writings have profound nuggets of truth interspersed throughout, the quote above being one of them. It’s not as if our lives are not overwhelming enough, that we choose to allow noise to be a factor that stresses us out. Many of us have been known to escape to one of those private getaways by the beach and sip a Pina Colada to avoid the noise and bustle of the city. Here’s a suggestion, shut the noise out and bring that rest and relaxation into your home!

Health Benefits
Did you know that sound proof windows reduce noise by 75%? After a manic day at the office nobody wants to come home to more noise and chaos. A quiet place to lay your headis just what you need and helps ensure optimal performance for the next day because you are refreshed. Sound proof windows also work wonders inwork environmentshelping upsurge productivity, reduce job stress and increase efficiency.
Take that unwanted sound away and you take away subconscious factors that stress you out unnecessarily.

Security Benefits
The cool thing about sound proof windows is that they are not easily breakable. Those windows can take a few blows without cracking under pressure. This is definitely an advantage especially if you are looking forextra security for your teenagers and toddlers.

Economic Benefits
Sound proof windows are easy to install. They can be placed on the inside of your regular windows or on the outside, keeping the look you want. This saves on expenses as you don’t have to take out your regular windows to get the sound proof glass fitted. The glass is easily removable in case they need to be washed generally proving to be low maintenance. They keep the dust and dirt out saving energy and time on vacuuming. The added benefit of sound proofing your home is that it keeps the elements out. Those unpleasant cold drafts of air stay out maintaining the desired temperature within your home.This reduces expenses incurred due to the excessive use of heating or cooling systems. The glass is also available with Low-E coatings that prevent the penetration of UV raysending the endless cycle of faded curtains and upholstery, keeping the ones you have looking fresh and new! Rainwater that causes leaks, stains, decay and mold are also made to live on the outside of your window, where they belong.
Championtestimonials are a good place to start exploring options for economic, attractive-looking and unbreakable sound proof windows.

Real Estate Benefits
Sound proof windows increasethe value of your real estate. People are apprehensive about buying homes in areas that have a lot of noise and unwanted sound. Sound proof glass is the simple answer to this problem. Hotels and apartments are more likely to haveregular loyal customers if they created and advertised an environment that would soothe people and make them want to come back.
“The noise was like, well, it was like a thousand vampire cats clawing on Plexiglas- it made their teeth hurt” – Christopher Moore: Bite Me

How about we give those sound proof windows a go!

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