Friday, 29 November 2013

The Essential Elements of a Country Style Home

So you often find yourself dreaming about the wild countryside and how you would pick up your old guitar and strum some country tunes while looking at the sunset from your own farmyard. If I’m describing you, then you must redesign your house into the country-style home you deserve. And here’s what you have to do:
1.     Rustic appeal
For that earthen pastoral feel, wooden furniture is the most ideal furniture to use for your house. Because nothing spells tradition better than wood. The furniture needs to be simplistic with no carvings or patterns. Wood paneling for your walls would also add to the effect. The windows and doors also need to be woody in appearance. You could use ChampionWindow’s Timberbond window for an authentic wood look if you’re looking to replace.

2.     Paint
The keyword here is ‘simple’. For a country style house, paint only in primary colors. This will make the rooms look sophisticated and traditional. Remember to choose neutral colors that aren’t too flashy.

3.     Flooring
Shiny tiles are a strict no-no for this style. Include stone in your flooring for a more authentic look. Like your furniture, your floor could also be wood but keep aesthetics in mind and don’t go overboard.

4.     Natural fabrics
Again, a country-style house means no splash. The fabric for your furniture and covers needs to be roughly weaved and simplistic. No vivid colors or patterns either. Like everything else in your country home, the fabric too needs to be simple.

5.     Say it with flowers
Floral patterns compliment country-style décor beautifully. The fabric in your curtains or furniture can be floral. Even your wallpaper could have a floral pattern but remember to use that sparingly. 

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