Friday, 29 November 2013

The Essential Elements of Rustic Décor

Rustic décor has made significant inroads in the field of contemporary interior design. Incorporate some rustic features in your home and you are more than likely to have a home with timeless allure and appeal, a space that projects a warm, lived-in and laid back look with, maybe just a touch of history. So then what really are some of the elements of Rustic Décor?

For me Rustic Décor encompasses a wide range of styles which allow for the inclusion of rustic elements, maybe in the earthy tones used, the distressed furniture, traditional and vintage accents and organic elements from the lap of nature. In plain terms, it’s a style which is thoroughly personal, unstructured, often quaint and most informal. There are a few things to remember if you want to go rustic. Here they are!

Use the texture of natural wood

Wood in its untreated, unpainted form has a charm not easy to beat. Avoid paints and veneers will hide the natural sheen and grain of the wood you use to construct your furniture. A simple varnish will do the trick!  Perhaps you can redo your kitchen flooring which is a mess, in bamboo and add wooden beams to give that authentic rustic look and in your living room make use of the old-fashioned Victorian style of furniture. If you are creative, you can model your own personalized rustic furniture from distressed wood.
Use natural shades with muted tones

Avoid bright colors but stick to warm, muted shades like earthy reds, russets and dull greens which will complement the roughhewn furniture you have chosen.
Make generous use of natural materials

Since this is a style based on nature, make abundant use of natural materials like jute, linens leather, rattan, bamboo and wicker for accessories and furnishings. These will blend perfectlyinto the atmosphere of a rustic room adding the texture and accents the style requires.
Pickyour accessories wisely so they blend in with the style

Don’t go overboard with this one! Select a few striking accessories to fit in with the color theme you have chosen. Stick to wood and maybe wrought iron which have timeless appeal. Use stuff from your own backyard to accessorize! Natty wall accessories made from twigs and other things from nature’s bounty you find in your garden, will add a touch of the country within your home.
Finally, let the light in

An essential element of this style is lots of light, so go ahead and invest in large windows which will light up your home. A word of advice though! You might want to invest in energy-efficient windows, like I did, from ChampionWindows and Doors. If wood isn’t within your budget, they have excellent wood-lookalike ones in vinyl. These will help you cut back your energy bills and besides, they come with a lifetime warranty!

I am a nature lover and I certainly hope you are! Why not take a few tips from above and adopt this natural style which makes you appreciate how much we have in nature.

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