Friday, 29 November 2013

The Essential Elements of Tuscan Décor

Tuscan home décor, particularly of the Mediterranean variety, has become increasingly popularin recent times. Inspired by the elements of nature as it is,it epitomises the warm hospitality of the Mediterranean region with its rich colors, stuccoed walls, red tiled roofs and down-to-earth simplicity. Wood, stone and color make all the difference! The rusticity of this décor makes it most appealing.
If you are excited about transforming your home with this interior design, here are some hints regarding its key elements.
The warm rich colors derived from nature typify the Tuscan palette. Colors,like shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, deep blue and olive green artfully blended, can create a warm inviting atmosphere. While stuccoed walls are generally painted white or neutral, interest is provided by using contrasting color accents, natural woods and stone. Natural stone wall are best kept natural. The ceilings of many Tuscan homes sport dark exposed wooden beams but plastered ceilings with painted frescoed style decorations will do just as well.

Since another prominent feature of decorating Tuscan style is stone, you can use this material in different places in your home, maybe as part of your fireplace, to adorn an archway, or in your kitchen or bathrooms.Limestone, granite and marble are good choices

Terracotta clay tiles are traditional Tuscan but this style also uses flooring of wide wooden planks, reclaimed timber boards, rough stone,You can throw in antique rugs to add to the warmth and color.
In Tuscan homes, windows, generally with wooden shutters,are set deep into the walls and are left uncovered to take advantage of natural light. Today, there is a wide range of windows incorporating latest technology, like those manufactured by Champion Windows and Doors whichduplicate the look and which give you the added benefit of energy-efficiency.

Typical Tuscan style furniture has simple straight lines. Cupboards, kitchen tables and chairs, bed frames and other furniture items are made of wood, are solid and made to last a lifetime. Wrought iron is also used commonly in furniture and in accessories.

Tuscan home decor is incomplete without accessories like terra cotta pottery, wrought iron hanging wall grills, woven tapestries, and copper pots,together with brightly colored ceramic bowls and serving dishes in the kitchen. 

Outdoor spaces
Tuscan style homes homes include a patio or terrace, where the family and friends can enjoy the outdoors. Garden paths are paved as a rule with unevenly-shaped flat stones, letting with grass growing in between.

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